Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Close, distant, non-existent.
Millions simply swept away,
For an inquiry that may never be revealed.

Cosmic dust, questioning.
Billions of tiny, weary, wave lengths,
Tossed asunder from a miniscule blue spec.

Barely vapors biding their time.
Measured by rotations and shadows,
Of objects almost completely unknown.

Do we all suffer because of divine sovereignty?
Or just the universe methodically grinding dust to dust.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Do the grains of sand really matter
when the tide comes in
Do the autumn leaves really matter
when the winter wind whips relentless
Does the dam really matter
when the levy finally breaks
Do the bricks really matter
when the wrecking Ball is swung
Do the ashes matter
when the fire still rages on
Does six feet of dirt matter
when you lie buried beneath it
Do the screams of souls matter
When faced with the infinite void
Does it really matter

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Knocking, pounding, silence
Pacing feverishly, nothing
Black and white, blue, waiting
Part, parting, departed

The eerie calm seas turn violent
Waves crash, she crashes, all crushed
Gravity pulls heavier and heavier
Legs cave, the unbearable weight

When, how, why, now
Two paths cross, only one remains

The little innocents, so innocent
face reality of love gained, so quickly lost

Planning plans for plans unplanned
Searching for answers for questions unknown

Stuff, stains, sickness, solace
Two bronze keys, nothing else

Phones ringing, ears ringing, head ringing
Peace for what lies ahead

Two paths cross, only one remains

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Watch Tower

I stand watch
My enemy, laying siege
To cracked and weathered walls

I stand watch
My prince and muse, stricken and ill
Fighting off invaders within

I stand watch
My princess, so meek and kind
Struggling in her own sickness

I stand watch
My queen, beautiful and tattered
So tired, yet somehow so strong

I stand watch
My kingdom, weary and worn
The very foundations shaking apart

Come fire, come fury, come hell itself
I stand here, braced for impact
I stand here

I stand watch

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Some days barely seen in passing
Others dominating the skyline
Like an ancient fortress of stone

Still ever present and silent
A fixture of mystery

The shape may deviate
and the speed which it opens
may vary with the rap of time

Still ever present and silent
A fixture of mystery

Will today be the day
Maybe tomorrow, the next
or 46 years from 13 minutes past

Still ever present and silent
A fixture of mystery

The day will come
When the keys of eternity
Unlock the last great hasp

The ever present and silent
Fixture of mystery

When I step across that threshold
and forever fall through the final door
I pray with all my strength

My father is there to catch me

My ever present help
in the face of such mystery

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Guff

Surveying the landscape
looking, seeking, searching

This foreign territory
albeit inviting
offers no path, no beacon, no direction

Paddling in a river void of current
Visibility, translucent at best

6 stars follow 2
Through the haze of grey
Into victory or the void

Suspended in mystery
Life in the Guff

Monday, January 14, 2013

No More

How did I get here
acutely aware
yet obtusely insulated

My hands are corruptly sterile
my life, falsely sanitized

Blinded by the speed of static
to the hurt and pain
that lies bleeding
outside my creaking door

With each passing moment
a soul cries out
a soul dies out
Silenced by the silence

I can't go on living
in this bleached, wretched way

One soul cries out
one soul dies out
no more